Air Source Heat Pump

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A cleaner way to heat your home

Unlike heating systems you may be used to, heat pumps don’t generate heat from electricity or fossil fuels. Instead heat pumps move heat from one place to another (as the name pump suggests). By doing this, a well designed heat pump installation can delivery up to 300 percent efficiency for the energy that it uses, making it cheaper and greener to run than a traditional heating system.

If you combine a heat pump with solar panels, you can make your home ultra-clean and heavily self-sufficient.

Our recommended Heat Pump brands

Heating without fossil fuels

Safer than combustion heating

Cheaper than gas for many homes

How it works

1) Warmth from outside air is pumped into the heat pump unit, over a heat exchanger.

2) The warmth in the air, despite being colder than inside air normally, is warm enough to evaporate the refrigerant chemicals inside the heat exchanger.

3) The now gas state refrigerant goes through a compressor, causing its temperature to rise as it reaches a higher pressure.

4) The heat generated through the system can now be blown out around your home or used to heat a water based system through the heat exchange.

Enquire About Air Source Heat Pumps
Aren’t air source heat pumps too expensive?2022-08-28T18:43:09+01:00

As a newer technology, heat pumps are more expensive than traditional heating systems. However, they can make significant savings on your annual energy bills, offsetting the additional cost. What’s more, as the government wants to move the UK away from fossil fuels and foreign gas dependency, there are great incentives and funding options for installing an air source heat pump in your home.

Are air source heat pumps reliable?2022-08-28T18:41:41+01:00

Yes, in fact most air source heat pumps are more reliable than a typical combustion based heating system. As the main system sits outside of your home, they are built to withstand all that the elements can throw at them. Whilst you should check your system once a year, they typically have less to go wrong than a gas boiler and require less intensive servicing.

Aren’t heat pumps more expensive to run than gas boilers?2022-08-28T18:36:23+01:00

In the past this was the case, as gas was extremely cheap and air source heat pump technology was less advanced. However in 2022, with rapidly rising gas prices, heat pumps have become cheaper to operate for most homes than a gas central heating system. With the October Ofgem price cap rates for electricity and gas, a typical home in the UK could save c. £400 per year by using a heat pump rather than a gas boiler.

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